Farm Size

The 10,000 acres farm cultivates a variety of premium products Winter crops are planted on 4,000 acres, while 2500 acres are allocated for summer crops, and orchards span over 1,000 acres.

Farm Infrastructure

Dina Farms’ infrastructure is built to ensure sustainable productivity. It also ensures a smooth work flow, capacity building, and growth, while being environmentally friendly. The farm is equipped with PVOT, an Electric station, Sorting and Storage areas, and Livestock Facilities.

Crops Types

Our fruit portfolio comprises of mango, grapes, olives, lemon, dates, peaches, apricot, oranges &Bananas in addition to planting wheat, potatoes, beetroot, alfa alfa, clover and corn silage.


Dina Farms is always keen to expand its outreach by conducting key partnerships, through which it provides food manufacturers with high quality produce such as potatoes, beet root and raw milk.

Dina Farms

The Egyptian Leading Agriculture Pioneer, Dina Farms, is an authentic brand built by Dina For Agriculture Investments Company.