What type of breed are our cows?

Dina farms’ breed of choice is American Holstein imported from USA, the company has imported more than 3,000 heifers since 2010. It relies of artificial incrimination by top global semen providers to maintain the genetic potential of the breed.

What are they fed?

Dina Farms employs top nutritionists to formulate the best ration for its cows, which focus on cow health, reproduction and milk quantity and quality. Dina Farms applies the latest feeding TMR (Total Mix Ration) methods, the computerized calculating systems that controls feeding portions. All feeding materials are from non- animal natural sources, and the feed contains grains such as corn and soya in addition to internally grown green forage.

How do we ensure their health?

Dina Farms adopts highest prevention, detection and treatment methods for ultimate health and safety. The Immaculate prevention processes adopted by Dina Farms ensure early detection and effective treatment for ultimate cattle health and safety, through an updated follow-up system, Dina Farms’ labs equipped with latest technologies and qualified vets, the company ensures reproductive efficiency, which is the main lifeline of any dairy farm. Genetic development derived by high quality fertilization, manages reproductive protocols to achieve max pregnancy rate.

The milking process

The herd is distributed over 9 state-of-the-art dairy units. These units are constantly undergoing efficiency projects to increase milk production by improving the climate/conditions for the cows, improved feeding systems, medical care, and reproductive programs. The newest dairy unit were completed in 2014, and currently houses over 1,000 milking cows in addition to more than 2,000 heifers and suckling cows. The milking parlors throughout the farm are herringbone rapid exit parlors, and the newest designs of the cow housing are based on the California shed layout, which has a similar climate to Egypt thus reducing heat stress during the summer months. The cows are milked three times a day, and through the rapid cooling system in the milking parlor, the milk is stored till it’s delivered to the factories for packaging.

What about the calves?

Dina Farms follows the accelerated feeding program for its calves, which ensure that the replacement heifers are at their best health and have full reproductive potential at the earliest possible time.

And the Bulls (male cows)?

Dina Farms’ feeding methods guarantee enhanced size, weight and optimum health Fattening cows doesn’t only mean enhancing the cows’ size and weight, but Dina Fars ensures the best fattening methods and high quality feed mixtures to ensure the highest standard healthy produce. Dina Farms keeps the cows under special care while adopting special nutrition programs that guarantees best productivity and nutrition.

Dina Farms

The Egyptian Leading Agriculture Pioneer, Dina Farms, is an authentic brand built by Dina For Agriculture Investments Company.